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HANSE Certified HALT/HASS Test Site

NWETL is proud to announce a new alliance with Hanse Environmental, Inc.


  • HALT (Highly Accelerated Life Test) is a systematic process that uncovers design and manufacturing defects more thoroughly than any other technology. By incorporating temperature extremes, thermal shock and repetitive shock vibration, product weaknesses are quickly uncovered. Root-cause-analysis is used to increase reliability to the maximum level that currently exists in the technology of concern.
  • HASS (Highly Accelerated Stress Screening) is a test process that exposes latent defects without shortening the live of the products that are being screened.


  • Temperature Range: -100C to +200C
  • Temperature Change Rate: up to 60C per minute between -65C and +85C depending on product mass, volume and fixturing
  • Vibration: up to 70+ Grms


  • VTC-9 Hanse Environmental, Inc. chamber
  • Easy failure analysis lab access
  • 20 Channel Fluke temperature data logger
  • 8 digit multimeter


Read this Article by William Lagattolla, Trace Laboratories-Central


Key Contact: Will Brokaw