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Temperature and Humidity Testing

NWETL has the equipment and the know-how to perform your temperature and humidity test needs in a timely and professional manner. Whether it's shipping carton pre-conditioning for your packaging system or stand-alone product going through its paces within your environmental specifications, our goal is to help you ensure the reliability of your product.


  • Temperature and Humidity testing for product reliability to your product's      climatic specifications.
  • Thermal mapping to optimize cooling capabilities
  • Moisture barrier verification.
  • Shipping carton pre-conditioning for ISTA (International Safe Transit Association) testing


  • Temperature profiles ranging from -73C to +177C
  • Humidity profiles from 5% to 95% relative humidity
  • Liquid nitrogen (LN2) boost for rapid cooling cycles
  • Front and side 6" port holes for operating sessions
  • Distilled water for humidity - single pass usage model
         20 channels of data logging available
  • Windowed front door for observations while testing


  • Well seasoned professional staff with broad backgrounds
  • Thermotron SM32C Temperature and Humidity chamber controlled by a      Watlow F4. LN2 boost, dehumidifiers, distilled water single pass humidity      source and a six month calibration cycle are employed.
  • Honeywell Programmable Chart Recorder DR45AT- 1100- 00-0
  • Fluke Hydra 20 channel data logger
    "J" type traceable thermocouples

Key Contact: Will Brokaw