Accelerated Testing

Climatic Testing

Dynamic Testing

Package Testing

Regardless of the level of your expertise, NWETL is eager to help you design and test your package to ensure your project will survive today's dynamic shipping environment. NWETL uses world-class equipment to perform a wide variety of Vibration, Freefall (drop), Compression and Mechanical Shock tests to analyze your packaging system. Our goal is to help you minimize the cost of your package without compromising the reliability of your product .


  • Package testing, design & consultation services
  • Product transportation data logging and field data replication
  • ISTA (International Safe Transit Association) certification
  • ASTM, MIL-STD, GR-63-CORE test services among others


  • Instrumented Package Drop Testing
  • Random & Swept Sine Package Vibration
  • Resonant Track and Dwell Vibration
  • Testing from 0.5 Hz to 2000 Hz
  • "Bump" Testing
  • Classical Shock
  • Time History & Field Data Replication
  • Data Logger Rental
  • Cushion Deflection Data
  • Package Compression Testing



  • Well seasoned professional staff with broad backgrounds
  • Lansmont PDT56E Package Drop Test Machine
  • 12,000 force-pound Unholtz-Dickie electro-mechanical shaker
  • Vibration controller
  • Lansmont 95/115 TTS shock machine
  • Vibration Research VR8500
  • Accelerometers calibrated annually


Key Contact: Will Brokaw